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All About Draw Handicap – Betting Tips to Always Win from Experts

The draw handicap is a familiar term for football betting enthusiasts, but for newcomers, it might still be a big question mark. To win betting games, players need a lot of knowledge about football. Therefore, Wintips will share latest soccer tips with readers everything about the draw handicap as well as tips from experts on always winning bets through this article!

What is Draw Handicap Betting?

Besides the common name, the draw handicap is also known as level ball or level handicap. This is a bet between two evenly matched teams with a handicap rate of 0. For this type of bet, whether the result is a win or a loss does not affect the handicap rate. Therefore, players need to predict the exact outcome of the match to make effective betting decisions.

In each match, there will be two teams, and players will rely on the symbols and numbers on the screen to choose the bet they want to participate in.

Characteristics of Draw Handicap

Draw handicap appears in many domestic and major international tournaments. However, not every match will have this type of bet. Common scenarios include:

Both teams participating in the match are evenly matched in terms of physical strength and lineup.

One team has good capabilities but recently has a drop in form, leading the bookmaker to lower the handicap to 0, so this stronger team doesn't need to give a handicap to the weaker team.

One team is playing at home. If they have this advantage but are still considered weaker, this draw handicap can still be set.

The bookmaker's purpose is to balance the betting odds and avoid discrepancies. They base their decisions on the match history and the recent performance of the participating teams to decide whether to lower the handicap from 0.25 to 0.

This draw handicap often comes with other types of bets such as level ball, level half-ball, half-ball handicap, or one-ball handicap.

Detailed Guide on Draw Handicap Betting

The draw handicap might sound confusing, but its gameplay is straightforward. Players just need to understand the symbols and numbers on the board.

There is no goal handicap in this bet; the team with more points wins. If it's a draw, the bet is void. For example:

If Angers wins, those who bet on Angers win and receive the payout.

If Angers loses, those who bet on Lille OSC win, and those who bet on Angers lose their money.

If both teams draw, the bet is void, and the money is returned.

The number at the beginning is the handicap rate, and the two numbers following are the payout rates if the bet wins. After registering an account, players choose to place a draw handicap bet, select their side, place the money, and wait for the match to conclude.

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Revealing Expert Tips for Handicap Betting That Few People Know

For any type of betting, if a player wants to win big, they must have their own secret tips. Below are some precise betting tips from experts that few people know, which Wintips will reveal to you.

Monitor the Match Table

Before the match begins, the bookmaker will offer various betting options for players to choose from. To achieve the best results in handicap betting, players need to thoroughly study the two participating teams through the bookmaker's odds table. Players often choose teams with a higher chance of winning. Playing at home is one of the significant advantages. The players of the home team will have a better understanding of the field, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to play more favorably.

Analyze the Teams

Before participating in handicap betting, to know which team has the upper hand, players should follow the last 5 matches of both teams and their most recent head-to-head match to see which side has scored more goals. Typically, teams that rank high on the leaderboard have a higher winning rate. Therefore, players need to thoroughly research the teams, match information, etc., to be able to make a safe and winning bet today.

Based on the Current Performance of the Teams

Before placing a bet on a particular team, players should learn about their recent performance, including strategies, playing style, and whether the squad is strong. This will help you predict their chances of winning.

Choose the Right Time to Place Bets

Choosing the right time to place handicap bets is crucial. Avoid betting too early; players should place their bets about 15-20 minutes after the match starts. If the underdog team scores first, you should carefully consider when betting on the underdog.

Choose Reputable Bookmakers

One of the tips for big wins is to choose reputable bookmakers to place your bets. This is because the predictions and results tables from these bookmakers have a high accuracy rate, secure personal information, and you can be completely assured about the prize money. A suggestion for you is a well-established reputable brand chosen by many experts.


Hopefully, the above football tips site will help you gain more experience for better betting in future matches to earn large prizes. Register an account and join a top reputable bookmaker to have an exciting experience!


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